Friday, October 7, 2011

IV's and help

The last two days just felt like I was stepping backward and feeling pretty crummy.  I finally got a hold of my surgeon and he ordered bloodwork and cultures on the fluid that has been accumulating and draining everyday.  I ended up getting an IV infusion of some antibiotics to start helping as they were very confident that my abdominal cavity was severely infected again.(the cultures will come in by Monday...but they didn' t want to wait and have me crash worse.)  I wish I could have taken notes, but the dr. explained to me how my insides are just so prone to infection post surgery because of the compartmentalization that has occurred because of scar tissue and adhesions all over.  It doesn't make sense as I type tonight, but helped me to see what might be going on inside.  I am so grateful for a caring oncologist.  They kept 4 staff members on after 6 on a friday evening when they had already closed just to help me.  If not, I would have been admitted to the hospital to receive the same tests, iv's, and care, but I would have had to stay at least through the weekend.  I ended up covered in hives from the antibiotic, but they fixed that, too...and I am starting to feel better already just a couple hours later.  I sure hope this makes a difference and helps me start really healing.  I have some truly wonderful doctors that are on my team and was so grateful for their time tonight.


Laurene said...

Great news! What an incredible bond you must feel with your medical team! A most amazing "pit stop" and then back home to continue your race of life with family and friends! Hope you enjoy a very uplifting positive packed weekend! :)

The Person Family said...

Love you, Shanda! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. BIG hugs from Georgia!!!

The Person Family said...

P.S. I think you could find even more inspiration from this blog done by one of the girls I went to SVU with. (Read "The Wagon")
Keep being amazing, Shanda!