Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Belated but important: Aana turns 6...and Addie turns 2!

The oldest of my birthday girls, Aana, had a birthday party this year. She had some friends over from her class at school, and it was nice to get to know some of the girls she plays with everyday. We kept it simple, because that is what Aana wanted. She loves the classic birthday party...she likes it at home, with the hokey pokey, limbo, YMCA, bingo, cupcakes...and her absolute favorite part is always the "goodie bags!" We had a great time and I think Aana enjoyed every minute!

Addie didn't get a party this year, because she is still a a little young, but maybe next year. After we cleaned up Aana's party we had the family come over and we ate dinner and celebrated a even more. The girls wanted cream puffs instead of a cake...which made me laugh! Overall we had a great day and both girls had a blast!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Great Wolf Lodge...and the beginning of the birthday fun!

Larry had to work on the girls' birthday so we decided to leave a week early and head up near Olympia to the Great Wolf Lodge. We had been to one in Cleveland and knew how fun it would be so we were so excited when the built one here. We headed out Saturday morning and got there as soon as they would let us in the park. The girls had a blast and took to the water like fish! It made me really excited to use the pool this summer!!!

Aana also took a ton of pictures with her new camera...Thanks Lynette and Dave...she is loving it!

The girls enjoyed craft time, bingo, story time with all of the other kids, a fun birthday dinner with chocolate cupcakes...and of course, the waterpark. Addie loved the wave pool and Larry and Aana enjoyed the bigger slides. We were all exhausted by the time we spent two days there...and we loved the ride home in the new family van. (I am amazed at all that you can put in that thing!!!)

I had pictures of some of the things I witnessed. There are always the people in tiny bikinis that shouldn't be wearing them...but I was also lucky to witness a grown man picking his nose and eating it...over and over. I love people watching in large, public places, but this place was just full of entertainment!! (RANDOM...I know. That is just how I am !)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Long lost $ I never even missed...

So, I had found a link that I am sure you have all seen about searching a database for unclaimed money or property. I didn't expect in a million years that I would find anything on there, but guess what... I DID! I found a $300 check from who knows what from when I was in college at BYU...

I filed a quick claim and the check is coming my way... I LOVE that little surprise and won't let that money go to waste. I also found $5.42 owed to my dad from over 30 years ago in Texas, but there was an awful lot of paperwork needed to claim it...so we passed. I am not sure you will be so lucky...but you might as well check it out. I was pleasantly suprised!