Sunday, June 3, 2012

I thought about sending announcements... warped sense of humor thought it would be funny, but someone may have taken me serious.  But, my amazing Addie graduated from preschool.  She was very excited and it was a fun day.  Now...she is going to be in Kindergarten.

I love days like this

So many days have just flown by that I feel bad I haven't recorded more...but here are some pictures from Memorial Day.  We were invited to a friend's house to ride horses and play on her zip line.  We also saw the flags at the local cemetery. On so many was just a wonderful day.  Being outside, enjoying nature, with a blue sky above and feeling the sun.  Making memories with my family.  Remembering those that have gone before.  And smiling...all day!  That is the essence of life!

Inconclusive results...but I continue to THRIVE

I just heard from my surgical oncologist and the latest test results didn't give any answers.  It was more of something I asked for them to do...for my sake.  I wanted ALL tests possible to be ordered so that maybe we could get answers to some of the unknowns in my body.  For now, my team of doctors agree that I should continue to gain strength, stay positive, keep living my dream, and repeat a huge battery of tests in two more months.  That will give time for the mass that was there to grow and spread...OR...(yes...I still pray for miracles)...DISAPPEAR!  Last month I was in a lot of pain and just didn't feel well.  I pushed through and tried not to let it slow my life down, because that helps me feel strong.  But...I had some rough days.

This week has been good so far...and I am BUSY~  I tend to thrive in what others would consider chaos.  I like my life to be FULL all all the things I love...and that is what I am doing while I can.  Living a FULL and fantastic life!  I have been working on new ZumbAtomic routines for my classes, working on an ace serve for tennis, reorganizing my house and garage, practicing kayaking in my living room, developing lesson plans for my music students, developing new healthy, nourishing recipes for my family, finding treasures at yard sales, RE-learning how to love riding a bike, weeding and planting flowers, speaking at local events and advocating for cancer patients that reach out to me, teaching my children about the scriptures, and laughing at myself as I go.  I can tell you that my life is far from perfect...but I LOVE IT!

PS- You know I captain a USTA tennis team...and we found out we officially are advancing to sectionals in Portland this August.  This is one of those hidden blessings in my cancer journey.  They want to retest me in August...and that works perfectly so that I can live it up ALL summer and fight cancer again this fall. (Yes...I am staying positive and thinking they will offer me a treatment soon!) Remember...when it seems like doors are closing and life isn't going the way you think.  Find the silver lining...and focus on your blessings.  I wish there were treatment...but instead, I will be thankful to have summer full of the things I LOVE!