Sunday, March 18, 2012

~LUCKY vs. Blessed~

I was preparing my lesson to teach for singing time on sunday...and found myself thinking alot about  "LUCK." I often catch myself saying how LUCKY I have been in different situations. I was reading a different music blog that inspired me yesterday. I am going to focus and reminded myself to give MORE credit to the tender mercies of a loving, AMAZING Heavenly Father...than to LUCK. I know the Lord is aware of each of us in our lives...and is truly with us ALWAYS...we often overlook his blessings and attribute them to good luck or coincidence.
I feel so LUCKY in so many ways...but REALLY feel so BLESSED!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

ExCiTiNg NEWS!! and INTRO to "Out Living It"

I'm not sure where to even start with this...because I am so passionate about it and excited about the project!  By now you have all read about the AMAZING whitewater kayaking retreat I did last summer for cancer survivors through First Descents... and what I didn't write about at the time was that we had Michael Brown of Serac Films there filming with his stellar crew.  Michael has won 3 Emmys as well as MANY other awards for his films...and beyond that he is just an amazing, humble, kind man. 

They filmed our adventures there and are finishing a movie about our group of cancer survivors and our experience. I feel honored and humbled by the chance to be included and share part of my experience. I even had some filming done at my house later just to get some footage of my family spending time together.  The film is premiering at the Aspen Film Festival in the ShortsFest on April 14th...and I will be flying out for the premier.  Because how many other times in life will I see myself on screen for an renowed film festival?  I'm so excited to see it!!!!  They just released a small trailer that you can view below.  
The intro is Michael Brown, the amazing director....explaining that the film has the potenetial to change lives....and do amazing things.  He has donated all of his time, talents, and energy since last summer getting it ready, but it needing donations to help them finish editing, finish the sountrack, and distributing it nationwide to make a difference.  The trailer follows his quick comments.  I am in several of the shots.  My FD name is "Limbo"...and I have a red boat!  Check it out!  Tell me what you think of the trailer.l The link is where you can make a donation...and even $1 is hugely appreciated to finish this amazing project.

Over 200 kids...and a TON of energy!

I can't even tell you how tired I am....but the Zumbatomic classes were a hit.  Someone took a video I hope to post later today.  I taught over 200 girls and ALL of them participated and had so much fun!  Great day!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It begins!

Tomorrow I start teaching Zumbatomic...and will be teaching 9 mini-classes for 6 hours straight!!!  It is for a volunteer church program for girls.  It will be an exhausting blast!!!  I'll let you know how it goes.  I just can't believe I can even do it!  Again I find myself being so grateful for LIFE!!!!!

The things KIDS say...

Today when I picked Addie up from preschool, I could tell her teacher was acting a bit funny. She told me Addie hadn't been feeling well.  When I got in the car, I asked her how she was feeling and what she told her teacher.  She said, "I told my teacher I was really sick and that you told me not to tell her or she would send me home."  Hmm...
Well, I did tell her that she had allergies and needed to take meds this morning, but that she wasn't really not to worry or tell her teachers.  So I guess she was kind of right.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

More zumba training...and More Fun!

I'm continuing my journey in my "Life List"...and accomplished two things this week.  One was that I taught myself how to french braid.  You might laugh, but it was on my list.  And now it is checked off.

Next, I put myself out there again and spent this wekend in Portland becoming licensed to be a Zumbatomic instructor.  I already did the adult Zumba instructor training...but this was a separate class.  Zumbatomic is an amazing kids fitness program and I can't wait to start teaching it in this area.  It is really SO MUCH FUN!! I'm sore and exhausted, but excited.  I'll give you more details as they come.
I continue to show MY body that I am the boss...not cancer!

I've come so far...and I'm SO grateful!

 I had to go through my surgery pics for a different project and have been able to see how far I've really come.  There are SO many things that have changed in my body, my life, and my perspective...but it is humbling to see where I came from.  Life is such a blessing!
My advice... Whatever your trials are (as we ALL have them)...keep putting one foot in front of the other...keep counting your blessings...keep looking toward the sun and finding the silver lining.  There is ALWAYS a silver lining...Trials will always be there...but SO are the blessings!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Great day...and a great cause!

I just got home from playing in my first tennis tournament.   It as a Net Benefit to support our local cancer center resource center.  A new tennis friend and I played doubles and we won our division!   It was a very friendly low stress tournament, but was a great start to competitive tennis for me.

I felt be on court... to be running for great shots down the alley...and feeling STRONG.  I am continually amazed at our ability to heal...and am thankful my  VERY IMPERFECT body and my LIFE.  I have learned to really slow down and cherish those they happen.  Not cherishing the victory, but the ability to play.   It was fun to be a SURVIVOR playing in a cancer charity tournament.  Thanks to all those that participated and earned so much for such a great cause!