Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cancer is more than just chemo and surgeries...It is learning how to LIVE!

 The truth is...the things that are most important, I didn't include;  Reading to my girls, teaching the primary children songs about our Savior, being able to serve those around me and give back, enjoying time with my family..
.LIFE is my passion...and I'm so grateful for mine!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I am now a licensed ZUMBA instructor...but more importantly, today was my 11 year wedding anniversary.  Here's to 11+11+11+11+11+11 more!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My new "LIFE LIST"...

I am packing to leave town tomorrow to check off yet another thing on my "life list".  (which is somewhat like a bucket list, I guess...but is comprised of things I want to do in my life.)  I am making lists of things I want to do.  I spent too many years being afraid to try new things, to look dumb putting myself out there, and avoided getting outside my comfort zone.  Cancer has caused me to face many fears head on...and I've learned that I CAN do much more than I ever imagined or gave myself credit for.  And trying new things is only hard if I let it be.  I have discovered some amazing new hobbies in the last two years and can't figure out why I spent so much of my life missing out on SO much!

No one knows...but this week I am going to become a certified ZUMBA instructor.  Why not right?  Yep...that's what I said. This is another thing I am doing...just to show my body that I am in control...and that I can.  I'll let you know how it goes.  

Also...Last week I officially signed up as the captain of a competitive USTA tennis team.  I'm weak... but full of passion for a game that I LOVE.  So...bring it!  I love the chance to practice and make my physical weaknesses strong.  I am training for it like I would a marathon.  And I am committed!  Win or lose...I feel like I've won just by overcoming my fear to try.  

A day to rejoice in LOVE...

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I adore Valentines it is a celebration of LOVE.  It think too often we get stuck in the idea of the presence/ (or lack of) romantic love in our lives...but it is so much more.  Even those that feel alone...are surrounded by love.  Hopefully everyone is able to feel their Heavenly Father, by their family, and by their friends. One lesson I learned this that we don't often enough share our love.  I was near death a few times, and YOU ALL rallied around me and poured out your LOVE (to which I will be forever grateful!!)  It caused me to think, much we each need that in every step of our journey in life and I am recommitted to showing those in my life how much I appreciate them...everyday. 
Sometimes, it comes as a random long hug for my kids...or looking them in the eyes and telling them how much I love certain parts of their personalities...or a small note of gratitude for my husband...or letting go of a quarrel that isn't important so we can focus on what IS important... or telling my friends and neighbors how much I appreciate them in my life.  Some people brighten up immediately...and some have a hard time hearing it, but I am trying even harder to share my LOVE.  My heart is full this day.  My girls and I spent hours making small tokens of love to share with neighbors and family.  We drove around and left surprises on doorsteps and it felt good.  If you haven't already... express love and gratitude... and hug someone special just a little bit longer than usual.  Love is an AMAZING gift!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My personal Labor Day...TWO birthdays and celebrations!

Both of my amazing daughters had their birthday last week.  They were both born...on the same day...8 lbs, 8oz...on February 7th...4 years apart.  For some reason, that day is when labor works for me!

We spent the week in party preparations and had a blast.  The girls had a combined ZUMBA party.  They each invited their friends and danced their hearts out.  There were dancing lights, mirrors, and of course...Zumba.  They LOVED it!!!  I saw moves that I think they must have gotten from their father...because I know I can't do them.


My blogging lull will soon come to an end, as I have new ideas.  I have spent much of the last two years sharing part of my experience being diagnosed with cancer, my way of coping with my diagnosis, my surgeries, my chemo experiences, and more... but since there are no treatments or surgeries on the near horizon... I will now dramatically shift my focus.  Now I want to share how I LIVE... and experience each day to its fullest.  How I share my love with my I treasure and organize my time (the best I can)... and how I no longer let fears rule my life as I move forward doing things I never imagined I would... and SMILING all the way!

Tonight my kids are puking and need my help.  But I am so grateful to be able to take care of them for a they have been by my bedside so many times!  I have so much more to share...

To be continued!!!