Sunday, May 31, 2009


Kids are amazing...and it is so FUN watching them discover and explore life! They don't mind who catches them staring at themselves. They know they are beautiful and will tell you they ARE princesses. They are confident in themselves and have a real ZEST for life. I hope I can help my daughters keep that quiet confidence...and the knowledge that they they ARE children of God!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It is amazing how our children can lift our spirits...

On Mothers Day, I had the Primary children make a booklet of questions that they answered about their mothers. I adored the one Aana made for me and would scan it if my printer were cooperating...but my favorite page goes something like this:

My Mom is really good at...
loven pypl!
(I love what she thought to say...and I will forever cherish her spelling. )

I wish I were better at showing her the love that I truly do have for people, but I am grateful that I have shown her enough that it was on her mind that day. Thank you Aana for that beautiful compliment!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moral of the Story...

Seattle City Passes- $54/person
Downtown parking- $120
Food for our 4-$200
Family Vacation ....PRICELESS!

End of the Road...Day 4

Day 4...last day! We went to the Seattle Aquarium where we saw seals, sea lions, octopus, fish, and more. The girls got to make crafts, get their faces painted, and had a great time! After that we headed to the North Bend Outlet mall, and headed home.
The Aquarium was not big but had several things the kids loved! Larry spent the first 30 mins driving around looking for a parking space...but the girls made Octopus' and tried to wait for him before exploring too much. We watched them feed an octopus and an eel which was really neat. The girls enjoyed touching the starfish, sea anenomes, and loved all the fish everywhere. Itwas a great ending to our Seattle adventure!

Seattle Cont... Day 3

Day Three...we went to the Pacific Science Center and an IMAX 3-D movie. The science center had a lot of great learning activities for the girls and they really enjoyed it. We went to the IMAX movie which was amazing...went to a planetarium...learned about insects, the body, dinosaurs, science, snakes, etc. Our FAVORITE part was the butterfly house. There were hundreds of butterflies all around that would land on you and we were amazed. The colors and varities were amazing!

And I can't forget one of my personal highlights...Cold Stone ice cream at the end of the day. I got chocolate cake batter and peanut butter ice cream with brownies. Sinfully delicios...

Seattle Adventures...Day 2

So this day was my favorite...both because of where we went, but also because of perfect weather. Our first stop was the Woodland Park Zoo...and we loved it! Our highlights include: feeding giraffes, holding birds, Dippin Dots, and the Gorillas. The girls loved it and were so excited to look at their maps and helps us run from one animal to the next. Addie made us laugh because she was fearless almost putting her hand in a giraffe's mouth because she wanted it to finish eating her lettuce...and when she saw the zebras she said, "Zebras, Mom...Lets EAT 'em!" Random...

After a great day at the zoo we went on a Boat tour of the Seattle Harbor. It was beautiful that afternoon with a great view of Mt. Ranier and the guide told us a lot of great information. Addie was rocked to sleep...and Aana practiced taking pictures and took a million. We all enjoyed ourselves!

Seattle Fun...(Day 1)

This last weekend, we went for four days to Seattle for a fun trip with the girls! We have been through Seattle several times but hadn't taken the time to really EXPERIENCE it!

Day 1: We loaded up and headed out. The girls watched movies on the DVD player and the drive there was a breeze. We had purchased a City Pass which allowed us to do six of the major attractions in the area. The first thing we did was the Space Needle. I am personally VARY scared of heights, so the glass elevator got to me, but I was fine once I was up there. It was a beautiful view.

After that, we went to dinner and headed to Pike's Market to show the girls the fish tossing and beautiful flowers. That night we stayed at the Sheraton downtown. It was a great hotel with a pool on the 35th floor overlooking the city. (I would recommend it except for the $38 daily parking fee!!)