Sunday, July 26, 2009

200 miles per hour...on the water! Craziness!

Larry's office sponsored a boat for this year's Water Follies. We spent the day Saturday down in the pit with the boats, the crews, and the drivers. I had never seen anything like it. "Our" boat (I say that like it is actually ours....) broke it's speed record and went over 160 miles/hour in its first qualification. These things are crazy! It was fun to get a glimpse into this "extreme" hobby and we were grateful everyone was safe in the end! It was a quite an experience!

Pioneer Day...

Pi∙o∙neer (pī-u-‘nir)
One that goes before, showing the others the way to follow.

I have been studying just some of the amazing stories of pioneers: crossing the plains, leaving their lives behind...acting in faith, suffering great losses, and cherishing simple joys. I am inspired by their faith, endurance, strength, and ability to hold on to hope~

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Simple lesson in Forgiveness...

Many times in life, we have those small moments that could completely go over looked...but if we slow down and pay attention...they can become moments that mean a lot. This morning I had one of those moments...

Addison loves dresses, like most little girls. She love the kind that are fluffy and that are long so that they look beautiful when she spins and twirls. Her absolutely favorite dress is a purple dress that she begs me to wear frequenly, but since it isn't my favorite...she rarely gets to wear it in public. Today I had promised I would let her wear it to church and she had been excited all morning. I went to try to iron it and had forgotten to turn down the heat and I completely melted the top of her dress and ruined it. She had been sitting beside me watching...and I saw her look of dissapointment when she realized what I had done. I turned to her and apologized that I had ruined her dress. She was crushed...and her whole demeanor showed it, but she turned to me and said, "it's okay, Mommy...I still love you."

As I mentioned, it was a very simple moment, but it taught me a lot. That dress meant very little to me...but it was one of her most prized treasures...and I ruined it. But without any hesitation..she forgave me. I pray that I might learn from her example...and forgive easily!
That you sweet Addie for a precious moment today...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

It was a HOT 102 degrees today...and we were Ice Skating...

Thanks to a great birthday party for AJ! It was Aana's first time ...and it was a slow start...with a couple hard falls...but she got back up and fell in love! Last night she feel asleep on the couch telling me how that was SO much fun!
And for the record...I was there, but I am ALWAYS the one behind the camera capturing memories. (Hint, Hint...Larry! )

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE homegrown Tomatoes...

And our little harvest has begun!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What can I say?

I know most people are far too modest to post their paycheck for the general public to ridicule, but I couldn't resist with this one! (and yes...this was an actual paycheck I picked up today from the gym that I work at!)

How that happened...I guess all of the charges from lessons for the kids kind of ate up the check. I just thought it was funny!