Saturday, October 6, 2012

So much to catch up on...

I have had some beyond amazing adventures and life lessons learned...and need to post.  I have been too busy to slow down and blog, but that will change.  Give me two more weeks...

Right now I am supposed to be packing.  I leave for Cuzco, Peru in the morning for another epic adventure through First Descents.  We will be hiking Macchu Pichu, rafting the Apurimac River (which feeds into the Amazon) and camping along the beaches, and so much more.

I am nervous, excited, and ready to take on this challenge with a smile on my face. have put me through the ringer and almost put me out...but as long as I have breath... I have hope!

Watch me hike this mountain...with no feeling in my legs...and love it! (check out this is an amazing 3d view of where I am going)

Enjoy life's adventure...wherever you find yourself!