Monday, May 30, 2011

So Grateful for our Freedoms!

 And ALL those who have made it possible!

We went to a local cemetery where 1004 flags were out in honor of local veterans who have lost their lives in combat.  My hearts swells when I see our flag flying across a blue sky.  I get teary thinking of all of the sacrifices that have been made for our freedoms.  I am so grateful to be an American~

Metamorposis...and Butterflies!

My oldest has been learning about metamorposis in school, so I decided to order some caterpillars for my girls to watch as they change into butterflies.  They LOVED it.  They would check everyday and Aana would teach us all about the caterpillars.  We learned that caterpillar waste is called "Fras."...and SO much more.  She is reading insect encyclopedias in her free time, so she was full of fun information.  After about a week, they got into their "J" shapes and became a chrysalis.  My girls checked on them several times and day and we were so lucky that we were in the room watching while three of them emerged as butterflies.   They are now outside and hopefully safe.  Do you know butterflies only live a couple of weeks?  That was news to me.
It got me thinking though...about the amazing processes of change that occur in our lives.  In mortality, a large part of our existence is to have experiences, grow, and change.   I have watched some of the most amazing transformations of lives, hearts, attitudes, and my life and those around me.  I am grateful for those experiences that push me out of my comfort zone and cause me to change...and polish my rough edges.  For some reason our family's butterflies reminded me of our God's grow and learn to fill our roles as the beautiful individuals he knows we can be. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bugz...and Bugs!

 Last week Aana was in a musical at her school called, "Bugz."  They sang, danced, and made us all laugh.  It was great!  All of the kids had to dress up like the bug of their choice.  I thought for sure she would want to be something beautiful like a butterfly, dragonfly or ladybug...but I was WRONG.  She wanted to be a beetle (more specifically a stink bug!)  Kids are SO random!  She stunk (by her own doing) and put a pillow up her back to look like a rounded exoskeleton.  I wasn't sure what else to do for that one. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Don't let anything stop you from enjoying the sunshine in YOUR life!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Friday, I was given the opportunity to speak to over 500 middle school students and tell them my "survival" story to promote cancer awarenes.  I was asked the day before and had very little time to prepare...but the words just came to me and I think it went well.  Beyond talking about goal was to give them all "hope" in their own trials...and remind them that they also can do hard things!

Best Mothers Day gifts ever...

Aana wrote this for me and laminated it for Mother's Day.  I LOVED IT!

Outside of Heart Card from Addie

Inside: "Mom, HABE! MOTHERS" (she forgot day)...she spelled it herself. I LOVE phoenetic spelling. 

Vegas Dental Convention

Last week the entire staff of my husband's dental office flew to Las Vegas for a huge dental convention.  There were 16 total...14 women and the two drs.  Lets just say the men were outnumbered.  We learned a ton during the classes and came home with alot of fun new ideas for the practice...but we also made time for fun. We all went to see the Cirque Du Soleil show "Beatles LOVE"...and it was wonderful!  Larry and I also went to see the Blue Man Group and sat up front in the paint splash zone.  Once again...we didn't take any pictures (lame, I know), but a booth at the conference took this one.  Nice face, Larry!

We had a great trip, but that place is SO filthy.  It was nice to return to a smoke free, sober environment.  I was away from my girls for mother's day...but they were in good hands.  My Mother in law and sister in law, Marianne, flew out and took care of them.  The kids had a blast and we were all happy!