Sunday, March 18, 2012

~LUCKY vs. Blessed~

I was preparing my lesson to teach for singing time on sunday...and found myself thinking alot about  "LUCK." I often catch myself saying how LUCKY I have been in different situations. I was reading a different music blog that inspired me yesterday. I am going to focus and reminded myself to give MORE credit to the tender mercies of a loving, AMAZING Heavenly Father...than to LUCK. I know the Lord is aware of each of us in our lives...and is truly with us ALWAYS...we often overlook his blessings and attribute them to good luck or coincidence.
I feel so LUCKY in so many ways...but REALLY feel so BLESSED!!!


Laurene said...

I love shamrocks! I love green! I love St. Patrick's Day! I feel very lucky, fortunate, blessed! I do feel I need to give of myself more and you are a great leader to follow!

FUAD HASAN said...

Whenever I see green it refreshes my eyes.
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