Monday, September 21, 2009

FYI: Misdiagnosed and hospitalized...but I'm still alive!

Well, the ER had it wrong...REALLY wrong!!
Yes, you heard it right....the WHOLE time I was in excrutiating pain, it was actually because they didn't notice I had appendicitis when I went to the ER. DUH!! My doctor actually told me he "was better with gun shot wounds and trauma and that he was trying to remember about this from boards." I went in with severe abdominal pain and they didn't even run the tests to eliminate appendicitis. He sent me home with 32 hours worth of pain medicine on Labor day weekend and told me to rest.

So, I went to two other doctors after the ER trying to get some answers. They were still following the diagnosis of ovarian cysts and were to a point where they took me in the hospital for surgery on my ovaries and I was told there was a strong chance that the doctor would have to take one out and possibly my uteris. He sent me in for one last CT scan before they wheeled me in for surgery and they discovered that my appendix had ruptured (yes...9 days after my ER visit where this should have been noticed!!!) and my abdomen was completely covered in infection and toxins. I have been told time and time again that I am so lucky to be alive. They immediately checked me into the hospital where I stayed almost a week until I begged to get out so that I could get a good nights rest without buzzers, beeps, nurses, blood draws at 4 am, and more. I came home on Tuesday and the next few days I tanked to a point where I think I was worse than when I was in the hospital. (oh and...did I mention that Larry had left for a seminar in Oregon when we thought it was just cysts...and I was hospitalized while he was gone for 4 days...BAD TIMING!)

Many prayers were answered when I finally started improving on Saturday. Now I am slowly recovering...I am weak, but determined to be grateful for my overall good health. My heart breaks for those who have to live with family members so ill or in the hospital. It was quite a trail, but I was also immensely blessed and my life was preserved. I wish I had a picture of all the cards, flowers, and kind thoughts that were brought into my hospital room. People taught me novels about sincere "charity" and warmed my heart. I will be eternally grateful for the charity and kindness of others. I have been better taught how to give of myself while others are in need and I promise to grow from the experience.

I must also take a moment to thank my amazing parents...especially my mother, who stood tirelessly cared for me, my illness, my children, home, plants, and family for the last three weeks. She is a woman of great love and exemplifies charity...and does it with a smile. Thank you, Mom... I have always known how lucky I am to have you, but the Lord has reminded me yet again!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

To the dreadful ER and beyond...

Last Thursday I ended up spending ALL night at the ER. I was having a normal day when after dinner, I found myself doubled over in pain...covered in sweat..and unable to breathe or more. I tried to lay down for a a blessing, and saw no improvement so I decided to go into the ER. That place is a disgusting mess of bizarre people...and is actually the last place a germaphob like me wants to be when I am in excrutiating pain...but I survived.

They quickly noticed that I wasn't faking it and doped me up pretty well and surprisingly fast with an iv full of something that definitely put me out. They ran test after test...and found nothing more than abnormal ovarian cysts. They sent me home later with pain medicine and told me to stay in bed for at least a week. Today is day three...and I finally wondered down to the computer. I am barely able to roll over and am still in completely horrific pain...some dull and constant, but the worst being a sharp, shooting pain that grips my body and takes away my breath for a while.

Last night I blacked out and fell down the stairs and later blacked out and fell on the floor in my room while trying to get back in bed. I really don't feel well, and I would give anything to just return to my daily, dishes, laundry, errands. This is miserable. Please keep me in your prayers. (And hopefully my next post will be that I am so grateful to be mobile again and to be feeling better!) Overall, I am very healthy and I am so grateful for that. I can see that this would be very trying for families...and I know so many people have to endure it. I am hurting now and this is all I can handle of sitting in a chair...I going back to bed.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mommy spider...and the confused child

Last night we went on a family walk and we came across this spider. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it was HUGE. I have seen tarantulas at zoos and exibits, but this was in the street right beside my house. It was bigger than a 50 cent piece and was disgusting. It as covered with hundreds of babies on its back...and was really neat to watch.
I tried to send Larry back to kill it, since it was so near my house and meant they would likely end up in my yard. Aana had a full melt down...and started quoting my teachings to her, but took them a BIT out of context. "Jesus made everyone and we are ALL special...It has a life and is special is just a Mom trying to take care of her babies just like you..."

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st day of First Grade

We have been counting down the days for school to start...and it finally has! Aana is thrilled...

Addie and I put her on the bus this morning, but we miss her already. I am sure she is in heaven!

Official end of a great decade...beginning of another!

I am sorry to all readers that you have to hear more about my birthday...but it is my blog, so I guess it is okay. But this is the last post on that topic for this year...

But yesterday was a wondeful day. I started the day by going to a massage with my Mom at a great spa nearby. It was my first real massage and it was AMAZING!! Thank you Mom!! I think I am in love... (with you and massages!)

After that, a friend took me to lunch at Olive Garden and it was great. Kidless lunch, great company...good food! Later, we went to my parents house for a the big celebration. I loved it...because it was very personalized to ME. We had a great grilled cilantro-lime chicken salad with southwest dressing. After that we had some games going out in the lawn and my parents had it all set up to mine for gems in their backyard. They had bags of rocks/dirt from an emerald/ruby mine and it was all set up so we could rinse, sift, and look for gems. Larry and Aana found the best treasures so far, but it is still set up so we are going back to look for more. Dessert was a sinful chocolate cake . And anyone that knows me knows I LOVE CHOCOLATE! The company was great and the gifts were very thoughtful, but I think my favorite was a beautiful poem my dad had written me and framed. When you come to my house, you will have to read it... I will cherish it forever! Thanks Mom, Dad, and Larry for a great celebration...Thanks John, Melanie, Mark, Bree, Mom, Dad, Larry, and kids for coming! It was perfect! Now enough of the birthday stuff!

Aana and Wyatt

The serving dish Bree made for my birthday.