Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Addition...

Well, we have finally broken down and got something that I never thought I would own.

...a kitten. (yes, that is for Aana who had been begging for a long time. She has completed a few long cat sitting jobs and had proven herself responsible....) I am not sure if this is a good decision or not, but it is done. Her name is Milo...and she is a beautiful cat with unusual coloring. She follows us around like a dog and is very playful. Aana and Addie are obsessed and the cat seems to tolerate them very well and even comes back for more abuse.

Now we are finding out that Larry has a cat allergy...

Nice, huh?
But can you tell Addie is happy?

More of the girls...

These were taken before church on is hard to get a shot of all of us unless we asked a neighbor to take the picture, so most of our pictures just have the girls.

I should give an update on them:

Aana- 5 1/2: She is hilarious to me. She is definitely a girl...with the emotions of a woman. She lives passionately and dramatically... (and if you have a know what I mean) She loves singing and dancing...she is very quick witted and makes me laugh alot...she loves to garden with her Grandma....she loves playing with her friends at the park...and seems to live on either her bike or scooter. There is always something going on in her life, so there never seems to be a dull moment around here.

Addie- 1 1/2: She is a funny girl that is always happy and is a very mellow child for the most part...but she is incredibly stubborn. She rarely cries and just lets things roll off her back. She loves being outside and lives to follow her sister around. She lives to eat and seems to have no fears. She has been such a joy!
I love having girls....I know Larry would love to have a little man running around our house...but I am much more comforable with what I know...girls!

Our house...

Well, I realized I should post a picture of our is the first house we have ever it is exciting! I need to take more interior shots, but this was what I could find right now. We have really loved it here... and is has actually been fun even getting to do yard work.

Our neighborhood is really nice and quiet, and suits us well. It has duck ponds, tennis courts, a pool, parks, basketball hoops, and a golf course. It is nice having things to do without having to drive anywhere... especially with the cost of gas lately. My parents moved in this development a few years ago and that is the main reason we chose this area. It has been such a blessing to have them so close by. We have had a lot of fun together and they have helped us with the girls so much! It is really nice being so close to family...and we had been so far for so many years....

New Hobbies...

Well, at some point in our lives, we all search for a new hobbie.... I can't speak for Larry, because I think he is a little too busy for hobbies, but lately I have gotten hooked on Guitar Hero and exercise.

For those that know me well, you will be shocked to know that I actually wake up at 4:30 am to be at the gym starting a class @ 5 am. I have done it consistently for a few weeks and I am loving it. I have a great start on the day...increased energy...and I can have tons done before it is even my usual time to wake up. I dn't know how long it will last but I am enjoying it right now... (go ahead and laugh... I am sure you all want to!!) For those that have a gym nearby with the Les Mills classes, I love Body Pump. It is strength training and it is fantastic. I know I am just asking to get made fun of this this pic and this lame post...but oh well. Yes...Larry looks like he is enjoying this much more than me...but it was the best pic I had.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fathers Day...

Hopefully all of the men that read this were able to enjoy their Father's day this year. We had a nice one as well. The girls and I made Larry breakfast in bed and we got him Guitar Hero for our new Wii. We had been wanting it...but now we realize we really need another guitar so we don't have to take turns. We are horrible right now...but I am I will practice. After church, we went to my parents for dinner and my mom made an excellent usual. After that, we played games and enjoyed the beautiful weather with my parents and some friends that were over.

I personally want to thank my husband for the wonderful father and husband that he is! I don't think I take the opportunity to thank him I didn't want to let this opportunity pass.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Memorial Day 2008 I know this is Memorial Day...not Veterans day, but my I found my self taking some time to honor those that have served so faithfully to earn and protect the freedoms which we enjoy. This year went to breakfast and went to watch some servicemen practicing for a ceremony honoring fallen soldiers. It was in a beautiful cemetery that was lined with flags each representing a fallen soldier from our area.

Each time I see an American flag, I think of my Grandpa...who was a WWII Veteran that earned a Purple Heart, a Bronze star, and more. I can clearly remember the stories that he told me and the reverence he had for the flag and country he fought so hard to protect. Thank you Grandpa...and thank you for all those who have served and are serving to keep us free!

Random Pics

Christmas 2007

The Girls' Birthday....
 usual...good intentions, but...

I was going to try to do a recap of the major events...buying our new house, Christmas, Aana and Addie's birthdays (yes...the same day!), Easter... and more...

But I can't find all of the pictures and it just seems like it will take too long, so here are some completely random pictures, and I am starting with a clean slate from here.


I am embarrassed that it has been since last summer that we posted, so I am going to try to do a very brief recap of the last year...and start over. I love looking at blogs of our friends and family and it helps to keep in we are rededicating ourselves to the cause. (or should I say...I am!) Thanks for your patience with us!!