Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sharing my passion

I came home from Montana and went on a trip to Spokane with my husband and kids (and friends) to kayak the Spokane river.  These pics were taken on on the flat water part.  It was so AMAZING to see them enjoying something that means so much to me.  This day made me so happy...and I can't wait for MANY more days on the river with them!

Does life get any better than this?

Glacier National Park, Montana...Flathead River...a slice of Heaven!
Our Crew on Graduation day!  Our guides dressed up... We look crazy, but it was a blast!
I had been waiting ALL year for this trip...and it was truly amazing!  I got to spend a week with other young adult cancer survivors kayaking in Glacier National Park for my second year (FD2) of First Descents.  I know you hear me mention them alot, but it is a huge part of my life now...and I am blessed because of it.

My first experience with FD last summer was so incredible that I wasn't sure how this year would measure up.. completely shattered my expectations!!!  We were inspired by one another's stories of courage, endurance, and hope...and were blessed by amazing accomodations, the most beautiful water I have ever seen, a gorgeous landscape...and staff that made it beyond amazing!   I came home AGAIN...ready to take on my life...and THRIVE!

The End of an amazing day...gear drying and a big, beautiful sky
I had an ear to ear grin on my face each moment and couldn't have asked for a better experience.  It is hard being away from my husband and girls for a week, but it is so worth the experience that I know I am a better  mom, wife, and person from having that week that I went to FD.

A personal challenge I had was to learn how to roll.  I had tried once before last month...but didn't get to practice...  and on this trip, I rolled and rolled every chance that I could.  (Rolling is when your kayak flips over in the water and you use your energy and boat to flip you back over)  It is something that terrifies me...but I am conquering well as many other fears in my life.  Cancer has taught me the true meaning of FACING my biggest fears....but has also allowed me the opportunity to overcome them!  Life is full of trials...but our challenge is to turn them into blessings...I am always reminded of that!  My life is so full of blessings!

Snow angels...but my lens was blurry

This girl...Lolli was my hero and the people beside her were a couple fof the FD staff that are why I LOVE this organization.  She is an amazing, strong, courageous, inspirational woman that has having up to 200 seizures a day on the river...but took on the rapids like a pro and they allowed her the chance while keeping her safe.  Watching her courage while battling this crippling disease....inspires me!!!

I kayaked, LAUGHED, slept under a billion stars (no a place only accessed by kayaks), did cartwheels down a snow capped mountain in Glacier National Park, re-learned how to play volleyball, ROLLED my kayak, slayed some amazing rapids, made new friends, and came home ready to continue LIVING!!  Thank you FD...for giving me so much to make my full life...even more AMAZING!!!!
Gearing up...and don't be mistaken...those are dry suits...not space suits. :)