Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cruising...and Lovin' it!

So...Larry and I are trying to recover from an amazing 8 night cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. We went on the Independence of the Seas (Royal Caribbean)...and it is currently the largest, newest ship in the world. It was beautiful and we recommend it to anyone!!! We had way more fun than our pics show, because most of the fun things we did...we didn't carry around our I apologize for all of the "posed" shots. It is the best we had.

We had a blast on the islands...we rented Segways in St. Maarten and cruised around the island.

This is the view from our balcony in our room.

We went Rock climbing on the boat!

I bought this hat in their market.

St. Thomas

Larry boogie boarding on the ship. They had an amazing surf simulator. I did this, but also did stand up surfing...and it was a blast. I think Larry didn't take a pic so that I wouldn't show him up! :)

We took a boat out to go snorkeling in both St. Johns and also in Haiti. I really loved that...the oceanlife is amazing!

Just beautiful...

This was the capital in Puerto Rico.

This was our favorite of the animals our room attendant made each night.

There are several things NOT pictured that were large parts of our fun. We ice skated, played volleyball, ping pong, minature golf, went to amazing shows, and so much more! The was amazing. We both frequented the frozen yogurt self serve by the pool several times a day. Our last cruise was our honeymoon 8 years ago and we have decided we definitely aren't waiting that long again! It was amazing! (and I can't go without publicly thanking my parents who willingly and lovingly cared for our girls while we were away!)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Too important not to blog...LARRY TURNED 30!

March 5th, my amazing husband crossed a new threshold...into the 30's! It was a big and important day that I needed to recognize on our blog...but didn't have time as it was the day before we left for our cruise. We celebrated by having dinner at Anthony's with the family and he got a big Craftsman tool chest...
But I didn't want it to pass so quickly, so I wanted to list 30 reasons why the girls and I are grateful for Larry:
He looks good in a baithing suit! (he will kill me for posting that pic)
He is easy going.
He keeps us laughing (mostly at him..but laughing)
He works hard
He irons his own clothes.
He is always optimistic.
He is a great dad!
He isn't a picky eater
He is a great provider for our family
He changes diapers!!
He is full of cheezy jokes the kids love.
He is smart.
He is very proud of being a BYU fan!
He is the only boy in our house...and we need balance
He always figures out our video game, computer, and electronic problems.
He is good at reading bedtime stories
He loves chocolate as much as I do.
He read Twilight!
He shows us how much he loves us.
He never forgets to take out the trash.
He is a good "cuddler" (says Aana)
He is "naturally athletic" (inside joke!)
He is very good at soduko puzzles.
He supports the girls and I in all that we do.
He is easy to buy clothes for...if it is blue...he will like it!
He gets along with everybody!
He does great magic tricks!
He watches American Idol with us!
He is great at cleaning up the fridge.
He is a good example for our children.
We love you Larry...Happy Birthday!

St. POTTY's Day at our house!

No...that wasn't a was officially St. POTTY's day! I had put off potty training Addie until we returned from our cruise. So yesterday we began the fun. We had a Potty party, did several potty dances, sang potty songs, read potty books, bought potty candy...and lived by the toilet. You are all jealous, I know!

I must report that she had 8 accidents (unless that was the leprechauns "pot of GOLD" for me) and finally went in the toilet for the first time at 8:15 pm on the way to bed. (Aana basically potty trained herself at 17 I had a sneaky suspicion that this one would be challenging...just because!) Addie knows exactly what to do...she is just stubborn....but I can't give in. She just turned 2, and I am done buying diapers, so the battle begins! I will keep you posted on our progress!

Friday, March 6, 2009

I know..I know!

My blog has tanked, but I am promising a strong return. February flew by....Aana and Addison's birthdays, Valentines, our anniversary, work, illness, etc.

At this moment, Larry and I are leaving for 10 days for a cruise. The girls will be at Grandma and Grandpa's house! This is our first real trip since our honeymoon 8 years ago. We are excited and will post pics.

I promise I will redeem myself as a blogger...just not until later!

PS- Kelly, if you read this blog in the mean time...Happy birthday on March 15th. I would call you, but I'll be out of the country. I am thinking about you though!