Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Girls trip to St. George...

The girls and I went to St. George this last week to visit some dear friends we hadn't visited since we left Ohio. They had cheap flights from here to Las Vegas, so we jetted off. We rented a car in Vegas and drove to St. George.

The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and I loved how the red rocks contrasted the beautiful blue sky! I had been there several times before, but was reminded of the majesty of its surroundings!

We went hiking, sight seeing, to a splash park, to an amazing outdoor ampitheater called Tuacahn to see "Annie", and more. We had great laughs, great food, and a great time!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Did I mention I bought some Sweet velcro Bowling shoes?

Lessons learned in a bowling alley:

1. I can beat a specific athletic friends (no names mentioned...but there might be a clue below) in a sport. (and I swear bowling is a sport...and even offers college scholarships!)

2. I am a completely uncontrolled germaphob! I brought purell, used it...threw away the socks from the rental shoes (because mine haven't come in the mail yet), but I still had to fully sanitize my girls when we got home!

3. When taking children to a bowling alley...allot at least a two hour window for a single game! Wow they roll the ball slow...but they were happy!
Other than that...JUST LET IT ROLL!

Aana's Last Day of Kindergarten!!

My little girl is growing up so fast!!! Today was her last day of school and now she is a big first grader! This is her teacher, Mrs. Wolf. Aana adored her and learned so much this year. I truly believe as parents that it is our job to teach our children in the home...those important lessons of values, standards, etc....but I am so grateful for a good public education where my daughter gets to learn so much more!!

Girls, girls, girls...

These are from this week. I can get a decent shot of Aana easily, but a bit more challenging!

See what I mean... She is adorable, to me though...even in undies with peanut butter on her face!
I feel so grateful to be a Mom and am lucky to have these girls in my life! They make everyday an adventure...

Cupcake Lovin'...

I don't know anyone that doesn't love cupcakes...especially cute ones with marshmellow petals and amazing icing. Thanks Melanie for having a birthday so we could have another excuse for cake!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Some quick videos for the family far away...

My girls LOVE to sing....and do it almost everywhere. These videos don't capture the true essence of their funny performances because I made them hold still....but I wanted to share them anyway.

We are far away from several family these are for you!

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Blog I made for Summer Kid Activities or Programs...
Please check it out and comment to add more ideas that you are aware of. I always get asked from friends to email these links, so I will try to start posting them on here instead. I hope this helps you and your children have some more fun together this summer!
(please don't forget to comment/share your ideas!)