Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sharing FD love...and MY SPEECH!

Here's the case you want to watch the speech I just gave at the recent Summer Solstice Party for First Descents.  The audience was amazing and I felt SO honored to be able to share some of my story.  This is an organization that has meant SO much in helping me to keep LIVING...

Please don't feel any pressure, but if you have any desire to donate to this awesome is my link.  It is by FAR the most amazing non profit that I have encountered and I forever grateful for how it has blessed MY family!

(And..thanks for listening.... this was such an amazing experience for me!)

The traveling continues...Utah or BUST!

 We took a needed trip to see my husband's side of the family in Utah and had so much fun.  We went to a dinosaur museum, played at Trafalga, went to the Hale Center Theater and saw an awesome musical, went to the BYU bookstore (a highlight for my family...), lit a million fireworks (no...we didn't start the fires in the mountains)...and saw THE BEACH BOYS in concert at the Stadium of Fire!  We loved being able to catch up with everyone and renew those important ties of family!  Aana also got to go to BYU soccer camp, which was like a dream come true for her.  It was just a great trip!

Colorado FUN and Sharing FD love!

I got the chance to take a quick trip to Denver for a long weekend with my mom so that we could go speak at an event for an organization to raise awareness and money for an organization that is so near and dear to my heart....First Descents!  My mom got the see the current cut of the film that I am in called "Out Living It"... which was so great to be able to share with her.  It is still being entered in film festivals, but I promise to let you know when we can all go see it.

Kayak gear is HOT! Right?
Working on my ROLL!
After an amazing hike to Hanging Lake!

We had a blast!!! We visited friends and I got a chance to share with her some things that have meant so much to me this last year.  I got to take her whitewater kayaking on the exact rivers where I learned last summer...and with the exact amazing instructor!  Thank you again...Renaissance Adventure Guides for the amazing weekend!

And the last thing we did was speak at the First Descents Summer Solstice party.  It was held on the longest (and HOTTEST) day of the year and celebrated life...and raised money to change more lives like mine.  I felt honored to have the chance to share my story and will post the video of it soon!  The audience was amazing, generous, and kind.  It was a wonderful experience all around! (And...we were so glad once our speaking parts were over!)