Monday, November 1, 2010

Just for KICKS!

 Aana's soccer season just ended, but we have finally found a sport that she really seems to LOVE!!!  I missed her entire season due to hospitals and illness, but on Friday they had a parent/child game and a party to celebrate their great season.  I got to see that...and she was SO happy!  I even went to a movie with Larry afterward...and we got a mini date.  It was so NICE to get out of the house so much that day!  A great start to a great weekend!!!

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Laurene said...

I am so grateful that you had a weekend to enjoy with your loved ones with beautiful weather and "high spirits"!!! We had a great time with grandchildren in Heber City. It rained Halloween night while we were trick or treating. My witch hat made me look like I was melting by the time we were finished. Dye from it had drenched my hair, forehead and the front of my shirt and around the collar. Happily, it all washed out and the hat looked good as new when dry again!