Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Making up for LOST time...and LOVING it!!

I haven't sat down to blog...because I am ALIVE...and feel ALIVE...and I am cherishing every moment.  I am completely trying to make up for lost time.  I am still very weak but am gaining strength each day.  The girls and I are so excited to have some time together this week with no school...and I am actually excited to clean, bake, play, and just do what moms and daughters usually do.  I can't wait!

I had an appointment last week with my local surgeon and got good news.  It doesn't look like I am going to need another surgery to place another drain for my bowel perforation.  I have gained weight (which was what they wanted...), I am feeling stronger, and it seems like it is almost healed.  He was thrilled with my progress.  That was the last thing that was hanging over me right now.  The open incision on my abdomen is also closing off, so it seems like I can now move forward.  I was SO relieved!

I had been searching for something that I could get to symbolize my battle with cancer...and remind me my own strength.  I found this amazing woman on etsy that made this necklace for me.  The picture doesn't do it justice...as it means SO much to me and I wanted to share.  It symbolizes surviving...the beads are "amber" which symbolize my cancer...and the ribbon is for cancer awareness.  I LOVE it!  She has necklaces that reflect other things as well (other cancers, autism, hobbies,etc.) and I love what she made for me. 


Lexie said...

Hooray for more good news! I'm so glad that you now can focus on healing as well as family and fun times together. The necklace is beautiful, what a great idea!

reverseoreo said...

That is great news!!!! I love the necklace. I can hardly wite to see it on you. It sure was good to see you on Sunday. You are amazing!!!!

Carol said...

That is such a great gift! I would like to know who this was I would certainly like to buy some neckalaces or support her causes. Sounds as if ur doing so much better. Honestly u help me realize how lucky I am. I love the snow story and glad u get this chance to be with your girls!

Laurene said...

What thrilling news! A new beginning!!!