Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A day to rejoice in LOVE...

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I adore Valentines day...as it is a celebration of LOVE.  It think too often we get stuck in the idea of the presence/ (or lack of) romantic love in our lives...but it is so much more.  Even those that feel alone...are surrounded by love.  Hopefully everyone is able to feel LOVED...by their Heavenly Father, by their family, and by their friends. One lesson I learned this year...is that we don't often enough share our love.  I was near death a few times, and YOU ALL rallied around me and poured out your LOVE (to which I will be forever grateful!!)  It caused me to think, though...how much we each need that in every step of our journey in life and I am recommitted to showing those in my life how much I appreciate them...everyday. 
Sometimes, it comes as a random long hug for my kids...or looking them in the eyes and telling them how much I love certain parts of their personalities...or a small note of gratitude for my husband...or letting go of a quarrel that isn't important so we can focus on what IS important... or telling my friends and neighbors how much I appreciate them in my life.  Some people brighten up immediately...and some have a hard time hearing it, but I am trying even harder to share my LOVE.  My heart is full this day.  My girls and I spent hours making small tokens of love to share with neighbors and family.  We drove around and left surprises on doorsteps and it felt good.  If you haven't already... express love and gratitude... and hug someone special just a little bit longer than usual.  Love is an AMAZING gift!

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Laurene said...

Being more vocal and specific and generous in my recognition and gratitude; you express it all so beautifully! Wise counsel for me. Thank you, Shanda!