Sunday, February 12, 2012

My personal Labor Day...TWO birthdays and celebrations!

Both of my amazing daughters had their birthday last week.  They were both born...on the same day...8 lbs, 8oz...on February 7th...4 years apart.  For some reason, that day is when labor works for me!

We spent the week in party preparations and had a blast.  The girls had a combined ZUMBA party.  They each invited their friends and danced their hearts out.  There were dancing lights, mirrors, and of course...Zumba.  They LOVED it!!!  I saw moves that I think they must have gotten from their father...because I know I can't do them.


Laurene said...

Even weighed the same at birth...amazing on all counts! What a fun party idea with less stress on Mom.

Andrea J said...

What a fantastic party - congrats to all!