Sunday, February 12, 2012


My blogging lull will soon come to an end, as I have new ideas.  I have spent much of the last two years sharing part of my experience being diagnosed with cancer, my way of coping with my diagnosis, my surgeries, my chemo experiences, and more... but since there are no treatments or surgeries on the near horizon... I will now dramatically shift my focus.  Now I want to share how I LIVE... and experience each day to its fullest.  How I share my love with my I treasure and organize my time (the best I can)... and how I no longer let fears rule my life as I move forward doing things I never imagined I would... and SMILING all the way!

Tonight my kids are puking and need my help.  But I am so grateful to be able to take care of them for a they have been by my bedside so many times!  I have so much more to share...

To be continued!!!

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Laurene said...

Oh, dear. Not good, but thankfully, short lived...I hope. Also hope you don't get it!