Friday, May 4, 2012

"Out Living It" Movie Premiere

At the Wheeler theater right before the premiere.
Sorry for the delay in has been a whirlwind...but I couldn't miss the chance to tell about my amazing weekend at the Aspen FilmFest!  My husband had to work and watch my girls, but I got the chance to fly to Colorado for the premiere of the movie I am part of called "Out Living It."  I posted the trailer of the film before...but the movie is SO MUCH more fantastic.  I knew I had some role in it, but didn't realize how much until I got there.  That was a really neat surprise.  I got to be reunited old friends from dental school, with First Descents friends, and the amazing film and production crew from Serac Adventure Films.  The audience recognized me and waited in line afterwards to talk to me...which was quite the experience.  It was surreal...watching my story unfold on the big screen.  The film won a special "audience recognition" award and was invited to other festivals.  Next up is Breckenridge and another one in Los Angeles.  If you are in those areas and could check it out...let me know and I'll give you the details.   There will be several more to come as well...and I will keep you posted.  Please check it out if you get the chance.  The whole experience meant so much to me. girls were in the movie! :) amazing friend gave me kids kid's kayak for my daughters...and I flew it home...that was a gift I'll treasure forever.  My oldest connects kayaking with her mom coming back to she wants to learn it so badly.  So that was a priceless gift! I can't wait to hit the river with her!
Michael Brown (Emmy winning director), some FD friends (co-stars), and Kim McKee (VP of Serac Adventure Films)

First Descent's new Mobile office.


Laurene said...

Wow! Incredible in every way!

Taz said...

The things people will do to be in the movies.