Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wed Morning

       Shanda has now been in the hospital for six days and unfortunately we are now seeing some post surgery complications.  Recent blood work has not been favorable and will possibly require some blood transfusions for Shanda.  The epidural that was placed in her spine seems to be sliding out, and therefore making it more difficult to control Shanda's pain.  They are trying to get that resolved, but Shanda has moments of severe pain because of it. Poor thing.  She has had a fever on and off and now her belly seems to be building up with fluid.  That same fluid that required her to have a major surgery last August.  So that is a little concerning.  We don't know why its happening.  She is keeping a good spirit and remains upbeat and positive.  She is a fighter.  Hopefully this will be just some minor bumps in the road, but please continue to keep Shanda in your thoughts and prayers.



Laurene said...

We are so thankful that she is under the best watchful care possible. Thank you, Larry, for letting us know how we can better focus our prayers.

Auna Leigh said...

Sucks tO read a good Post and a bad post at once and then try to resPond. Well I'm sitting here in the dentist office wishing I were seeing you guys instead. I hope you know our love. Love you. Gotta run.