Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Surgery Delayed until Friday

The Dr. needs to move my surgery that was scheduled for tomorrow. The lady getting hers done tomorrow is in serious trouble if she waits...I remember being in the same position with the same surgeon last year. I'm frustrated because I have waited months now and am in constant pain...but I am counting my blessings that I am not the one needing the "emergency" surgery to save my life this time. Thanks again for your prayers and amazing support.


Laurene said...

A reason for everything. "Keep your stick on the ice. We're pulling for you"! (Red Green)

Halfords said...

I have been thinking so much about you!! I am praying for you!!

Anonymous said...

I love that you were able to go on a big vacation with all the family, how fun! I'm sure those memories will help get you through whatever comes your way. Good luck on Friday.