Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Family Trip to McCall, Idaho

    No comparison, Larry...Aana's wins! :)
My family forced me to go away on a little trip to forget about the cancer and have some fun.  I was worried about the drive...and how I would feel, but it all turned out okay.  We all had a blast and really enjoyed ourselves.  We had a gorgeous house overlooking Lake Cascade and just couldn't have asked for nicer accomodations or a better time.  We played games, fished, boated, slept, ATE (of course), roasted marshmellows, did fireworks, and more.  I participated where I could...and relaxed when I couldn't.  They gave me the king suite on the main floor so that I could see everything that was going on from my bed.  It was all perfect until the ride home.  A couple hours into the drive, I started projectile vomiting...and went downhill until I landed in the ER.  Long story...but it all ended up ok.   Just a bad end to a wonderful trip.  I guess I might have overdone it...but I hear the sounds of my girls giggling and see the smiles on their faces as I lay in bed right now.  Those wonderful moment stay emblazoned on my memory and are truly priceless!
(Oh...and I caught 13 fish in ONE hour...and at that same time, Aana caught 9)  I felt bad the people unhooking them and baiting my hook. :)


reverseoreo said...

Poor Larry could only catch the little ones. Looks like you all had a good time except the trip home. The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing. Annette

Laurene said...

You manage to ignite several emotions
in your posts. Thank you for the report! So glad the good outweighed the bad!!!

Kelly said...

umm...fish and projectile vomiting...what a combo! Glad you had a good time. That fish is almost as big as Aana.

Jennica said...

wow, that was a beautiful place! And so much to do...I can see why you're going back.

Loved, loved, loved all the cousin pictures, especially the one on the stairs after they woke up. (the hair is priceless)

If only the drive home could have been different. Glad you're okay though.
Maybe next time Larry will have better luck with the big fish? Maybe.

Meg said...

Oh my goodness! Awesome pics. Your girls are gorgeous!! That looked like such and amazing place.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shanda,
My name is Jane and I'm with Dwellable.
I was looking for blogs about McCall to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
Hope to hear from you soon!