Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Half empty...or half full?

Today should have been my half way mark...it was my 6th chemo infusion out of 12....and I was excited to celebrate....but...my doctor this morning hinted for the 2nd time that my previous infusions might not count, since they had to make a ton of changes to my doses and treatments to find something my  body could tolerate.  Now...I am not sure if I am half done...or just beginning all over again.  Either way, I suppose I should just CHOOSE to be happy that I have a dr that isn't willing to take the easy way out and who genuinely wants the best treatment possible for me.  Life is full of silver linings...I am learning to look for them constantly.  Sometimes you have to look hard and other times they are much more obvious...but they are there. 

As an update: I did get my full treatment and am now plugged in again with my fanny pack pump attached.  I was experimenting trying to put my iv bag and pump into cute purses to carry around to make it less conspicuous...but, I kept forgetting and setting it down.  It was all fine until I walked away and it pulled at the "GRIPPER" needle they have in my chest and HURT!  It took me several times to learn, but I know now that I just need to keep the fanny pack attached and live it it.  If you see a good looking one let me know.  Do they exist? 


Laurene said...

Ah, the pain we endure in the name of fashion! I never wore 3" heels when I had children to chase. Now, for short periods of time, I force myself to walk gracefully in the prettiest little torture chambers!
I sincerely hope and pray that the "S.W.A.T." team you have hooked up now will be bearable.

Aaron said...

So what's wrong with a boring fanny pack? Oh, wait... this is Emily here.

Isn't it great that some of life's lessons have immediate consequences to help us learn? Sometimes I wish ALL of life's lessons could be learned in such an immediate way. Other times I am grateful for the Lord's patience with us.

Kelly said...

ok...so now you have me on a fanny pack search