Saturday, May 8, 2010

Random Facts:

Did you know that that the beautiful, amazing Audrey Hepburn also had appendiceal cancer?  She was diagnosed in 1992, but they didn't have the surgery or treatment at the time that I have tried.   She lost her battle with this cancer in 1993 after a hemicolectomy and chemo (which I have had.)  I FEEL SO BLESSED to live in a time where more treatments have been developed and I pray that will make a critical difference in my life.  Maybe the HIPEC surgery and heated chemo could have saved her life as well...


Gigi Geitgey said...

That is very interesting and also to think about how much progress has been made in less than 20 years on the "C" front. We are hopeful that these treatments are very effective in fighting your cancer, Shanda.
Love, The Geitey/ Martinez, GA

Tracey said...

It must be the kind of thing to plague beautiful women.... I'm sorry your symptoms are not going well and we will pray even harder that they are able to figure it out. You have so much strength and courage I know you will be able to handle whatever it takes to fight it!!! I can't think of anyone stronger or more capable than you!!!

I love the picture of the Mickey Mouse ears... way too cute!! I'm glad you had the camera ready!

Sara said...

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