Sunday, May 16, 2010

...I am nervous!

Tomorrow I get a FULL infusion with all of my chemo drugs as well as a new one that they couldn't add until now, since I have been healing from all of my surgeries.  I am trying to hold on to hope that it will go well and I won't respond like last time.  Chemo is not fun, but it is usually well tolerated with "controlled" side effects.  My experience has been much different, so the doctors have been VERY concerned.  We have decided to carry on no matter what...because of the advanced state of my cancer.  Tomorrow is the beginning of that new plan.  Please keep me in your prayers, specifically that my body will tolerate the chemo and that it will do it's job to eradicate the cancer!


Auna Leigh said...

Beautiful Shanda- You are constantly in my prayers! Tomorrow you will shine! It's a new day and with the LORD'S hand you will see miracles. I know that He is with you! And you know it too. I think about you always! Thank you for sharing you're amazing adventure and allow us to look outside ourselves! lOve you- Auna Leigh

Lexie said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you, I hope it is all going miraculously well! Love you!