Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bowel preps are fun to to do, to do!

Or NOT!!!  Today, I went in for bloodwork at 8, a dr appt at 9, and was supposed to have chemo after that.  Because of my ongoing symptoms from they still can't do my next round until I feel better.  I was dissapointed, because they got several test results back and can't identify a reason why I still feel the way that I do.  They sent me to another GI doctor who immediately put me on a bowel prep for a morning colonoscopy. (By the way...this is my 4th bowel prep in 4 months....I am becoming an expert)  The last time I did this, Larry found me blacked out with a bruised face on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night.  Maybe he will have to keep better watch tonight.  (PS- if you don't know what a bowel prep is...clear liquid diet with a TON of laxatives in a short period of time!)  And I am not sure what they are even going to look at...I have had parts of my colon and bowels removed twice now...what's left?  (Is that too much information?)

Right now, my main focus is to feel I can do chemo.  I can't beat cancer unless I can fight it... That is now the focus of my prayers.  Maybe tomorrow, I will get answers. :)  I can't sit in th kitchen and keep typing... I have to think...I LOVE clear liquids...this other food doesn't look good at all!


reverseoreo said...

Sorry you have to go thru another bowel prep again. I can say I had to do one myself before surgery. One time they got me so dehidrated that I had to stay longer in the hospital so I could get fluids. Not fun. I hope they find somthing that will help so chemo won't be so hard on you. LOL Annette

Reeta said...

Dear Shanda,
we Are in Cambodia still getting Daniel. It is great and ever so amazingly hot! we all are hoping that thongs ae improving for you a little. Opps. I mean things. The poverty is beyond anything imaginable. Our prayers are with you. Love , Reeta,dan,and Daniel

Lexie said...

Oh my goodness, you make me laugh and I hope you do LOVE clear liquids because it sounds like that is what you're getting for today. I do hope that at least it is helpful and they can figure out what is up so that you can forge ahead and get this craziness behind you! Way to keep a stiff upper lip (while running to the bathroom!) Keep up the great work and hopefully this will be your last bowel prep for many, many years!

Tracey said...

Ugh!!! I am so sorry, that sounds totally miserable! I will be praying that you aren't found on the bathroom floor and that they find some definitive answers soon!!! We want you to fight this!!! Enjoy your clear liquids!