Saturday, December 27, 2008

Taking the matter into her own hands...

So, ever since Bree had her baby, Addie has been even more obsessed with her dolls. She recently asked me to feed her baby "Pumpkin"...and when I gave it the pretend bottle...she pulled down the neck of my shirt and said "no...he's hungry!" I am guessing that she meant she wanted me to NURSE him... yeah, no!

She has also been wanting me to bathe her dolls, but they aren't all plastic, so I hadn't let her. I caught the girls in their bathroom bathing them anyway...princess style. Needless to say...the dolls dried out and we are all fine.

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Aly G said...

Hadley sure has some ideas now that she saw this! They look so sweet and Aanas face is so innocent!