Monday, December 15, 2008

Has is really been that long?

So... I realized that it has been two weeks and I haven't posted. We have been SO busy with Christmas parties and obligations that we have had no time to sit and catch up. We got a new camera and I got Photoshop, which would make you think I would have great pictures or creations to share....but I don't. The computer has been repetitively crashing and I can't seem to get our pictures off my new camera...other than stay tuned!

We are about to purchse a new computer, so if you have any suggestions or know of a good deal, please post!

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Dave said...

You bought your current Dell PC the same time I bought mine. So if you ask me I don’t think you need a new one. The PC I bought at that time was a Dell with the 19 “ flat panel with the small speakers attached to the bottom. I did have problems & had to replace the hard drive a couple years ago, but I think this is a great PC.
If you’re still in the market I have some friends who deal in PC, as well as other stolen merchandise. Contact them @ Dewey, Cheatum, & Howe. I don’t know their address as they move around often, usually one step ahead of the law.