Monday, December 22, 2008

Girls Night out...American Idol Style!

Aana has always been a huge American Idol fan... so when I saw that they were coming to the are, I had to buy tickets.    We had a lot of fun, but Aana was dissapointed that David Archuletta wasn't there.  Her favorite idol that was there was Chekezie (sp?).   We stayed behind and talked to he and Diana Degarmo...and Aana was so funny.  She was too tired to even pose for a picture with him....and she almost fell asleep waiting.  It was a school night...and she was exhausted.  We had a fun night!!

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Jennica said...

Hey, did that one girl from Ireland sing? I liked her, she had a great voice, but chickeezie too, ya know. It's funny but great because Aana will never forget that night and I'm sure you won't either.....for maybe different reasons?