Friday, October 3, 2008

Some More Miscellaneous...

Today we woke up really early and drove to Ephrata, WA (which is where Larry's other office is.) We wanted to spend the day out there just to get away from home. While he was working, the my mom, the girls, and I went up to around a beautiful area and had a picnic...just because we had lunchables in the cooler, and we had plenty of time. (It was better than walking every aisle in Walmart...which we had done earlier to pass time. It is a pretty small town, so there weren't many things open when we got there...and we didn't want to hang out at the office, because I have never enjoyed the sterile smell of a dental office...(ironic, I know!))

On a side note: My inlaws gave me these scarecrow decorations for my birthday...and they are just Addie's height, so lately when we have had music on at home, I have found her couple dancing with the stuffed male scarecrow. I wish the pictures turned out better, but it cracks me up. She puts her hands on "his" shoulders...and swings "him" around. Maybe we have watched a few too many ballroom dancing shows around our house lately.

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Lexie said...

That is so cute. I love her scarecrow dancing - what a riot. I'm also happy the Office is back!