Friday, October 24, 2008

A Fish Bowl...

So what I failed to mention about one of the Halloween Carnivals last week was that they handed out actual fish at the Fish Pond. My daughters were lucky enough not to get one, but when other upset parents were pawning theirs off...Larry said yes without consulting me and we came home with two goldfish. It was late Saturday night...we don't shop on it ended up in a trifle bowl. For those that dont' own one, it is a nice dessert bowl with a large opening...and it was the closest I could find in my kitchen. I got a little bit of food from a friend and we began our lives with our new pet fish.

The larger one lived two days before we found it floating...and the smaller lived about 5 days. Aana cried about the first one, but surprised me on the second one. We had flushed it when she was asleep and she woke up very dissapointed today. I asked her if she would have rather buried it, and she said, "NO...I wanted to feed it to Mylo" (our cat!) Who would have thought??? Kids are so never know what will come out next!!

Lessons Learned: 1. FISH ARE DIRTY. Even small ones...the water needed changed every day and it was a gross job. 2. My husband is perfectly okay using all of my kitchen utensils and dishes when changing the poopy fish water...(and that really grosses me out!!) 3. Never hand out real fish to other children without first consulting their parents!!! 4. NEVER ASK ME TO PETSIT YOUR FISH! It will not live. 5. Don't flush your dead fish... consult your children first...they might prefer to feed it to a hungry animal.


Natalie said...

Too funny! When we moved from Ohio, I didn't know what to do with our Beta fish, so I let Amelia play with it in the kitchen sink. She had a ball, and it lasted for HOURS! Am I a bad person for that?

Larry, Shanda, Aana, and Addison said...

no...I am not so sure about being a fish owner... I don't blame you! You are so funny!

Taz said...

Being a animal expert that I am here is my take on this fishy situation
That didn’t look like a trifle bowl the fish was floating in!
Knowing cats like I do, remember I am an animal expert, slim chance the cat would even look at the dead fish. Cats love to eat mice, but only if they catch them & play with them for a while. The fish may not have died of natural causes at all. Perhaps Mylo had some fun with the fish, but just wasn’t hungry!
Don’t waste the left over fish food. Little known fact but that is the secret herbs & spices in KFC Chicken. Seems like I am not only a expert on live animals, but I know how to cook chicken.