Sunday, June 8, 2008

Memorial Day 2008 I know this is Memorial Day...not Veterans day, but my I found my self taking some time to honor those that have served so faithfully to earn and protect the freedoms which we enjoy. This year went to breakfast and went to watch some servicemen practicing for a ceremony honoring fallen soldiers. It was in a beautiful cemetery that was lined with flags each representing a fallen soldier from our area.

Each time I see an American flag, I think of my Grandpa...who was a WWII Veteran that earned a Purple Heart, a Bronze star, and more. I can clearly remember the stories that he told me and the reverence he had for the flag and country he fought so hard to protect. Thank you Grandpa...and thank you for all those who have served and are serving to keep us free!

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Taz said...

Memorial Day ,to me has always been more about remembering loved ones who have passed on. We have Veterans Day to honor the Vets. I think its a little confusing.
One thing I do remember about Memorial Day is the Vets used to be at the Lava Cemetery selling silk Poppies. I haven’t seen this in years.
For more info Goggle History of the Flanders Poppies