Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fathers Day...

Hopefully all of the men that read this were able to enjoy their Father's day this year. We had a nice one as well. The girls and I made Larry breakfast in bed and we got him Guitar Hero for our new Wii. We had been wanting it...but now we realize we really need another guitar so we don't have to take turns. We are horrible right now...but I am hooked...so I will practice. After church, we went to my parents for dinner and my mom made an excellent meal...as usual. After that, we played games and enjoyed the beautiful weather with my parents and some friends that were over.

I personally want to thank my husband for the wonderful father and husband that he is! I don't think I take the opportunity to thank him enough...so I didn't want to let this opportunity pass.

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Kim said...

Shanda your girls are so cute. I am glad you have a blog.