Thursday, June 26, 2008

More of the girls...

These were taken before church on is hard to get a shot of all of us unless we asked a neighbor to take the picture, so most of our pictures just have the girls.

I should give an update on them:

Aana- 5 1/2: She is hilarious to me. She is definitely a girl...with the emotions of a woman. She lives passionately and dramatically... (and if you have a know what I mean) She loves singing and dancing...she is very quick witted and makes me laugh alot...she loves to garden with her Grandma....she loves playing with her friends at the park...and seems to live on either her bike or scooter. There is always something going on in her life, so there never seems to be a dull moment around here.

Addie- 1 1/2: She is a funny girl that is always happy and is a very mellow child for the most part...but she is incredibly stubborn. She rarely cries and just lets things roll off her back. She loves being outside and lives to follow her sister around. She lives to eat and seems to have no fears. She has been such a joy!
I love having girls....I know Larry would love to have a little man running around our house...but I am much more comforable with what I know...girls!

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