Tuesday, January 4, 2011

SO glad it is a NEW YEAR!

2010 will be a year I will NEVER FORGET!!! I survived this year by the skin of my teeth...but each day seems to bring be a step closer to my "old" life.  I just erased the words"old Self"...as there is NO way that I could return to my old self and not be changed by all that happened this past year.  To quote one of my favorite songs from the musical Wicked..."I have been changed, FOR GOOD!"

I am overwhelmed as I sit and think of all of the life changing moments that are emblazoned in my mind from this last year...and of all of the things I learned.

I will never forget the doctors voice as he told me "Shanda, you have cancer!"  It was one of the ONLY times in life that I have been truly speechless.  I can't even desribe the feelings I had at that moment.

I will never forget the feeling of comfort that overcame me as I immediately prayed and brought my fears to the Lord.  I will never forget him carrying me, literally carrying me during my darkest hours when my body was failing me.  I fell asleep many nights begging for my life...and the chance to raise my children...and asking the Lord just to help me make it through that night.

I have learned that we are much stronger than we could ever imagine, especially when the Lord is on our side.

I have been reminded that the Lord hears each and every one of our prayers!

I will never forget the AMAZING SUPPORT that came from all over the country and in so many forms.  I was taught by your examples of service, compassion, tenderness, and love.  I will serve better throughout my whole life because of what I learned from YOU!  I know understand true charity as I have felt it in my life!

I have been reminded that trials are more bearable if we meet them cheerfully. 

I learned to NEVER take our bodies or our health for granted.  Wow, life is different when they are in jeopardy! 

Most importantly, I have been reminded how precious life is...and how important it is that we use our time wisely.  Cherish those moments that matter, love those around you, don't let the distractions of the world take your eyes off what matters most, don't put off the important things thinking you'll have time to do them later, and take time to smile and count your blessings each day!


Dave said...

Good thing you had lots of skin on your teeth to carry you through!

rc said...

How great that you are on this side of your diagnosis! You have been amazing! Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family-
Robbie and Randy

Tracey said...

Well said Shanda. Thanks for the poignant reminder! I was going through an old disk of pictures last night and found some of Hayden and Aana in the tub together... I think they're definitely old enough to be embarrassed by that! Maybe I"ll wait until after they get reacquainted to share it with them!

Halfords said...

Thanks, Shanda. I needed this today.

Laurene said...

I'm in Twin Falls as I write. Our youngest has a two month old baby and her three year old broke her leg Friday just before Noon when she pulled a hard core door over on herself. Anything left unattended for even a moment can become a hazard when small ones are around. As bad as it is we are counting our blessings. This "in a nutshell" post of yours will be beneficial to come back to time and time again, Shanda. Thank you for being so true to what matters most!

Meg said...

I love this Shanda! Great insights. Happy 2011! You deserve a really. really good year ; )

Aly G said...

Oh I needed to hear this! I am so glad you are better! Thanks for your example!!

The Person Family said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Shanda- we all need a good reminder now and then. :) So happy for you that you and your family are able to enjoy one another and move on together. Love you guys!