Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh...where to start!

1 emergency surgery
8 blood transfusions
16 days in the hospital out of town
over 20 IV's
Countless shots
and more...But I am alive..healing, and there are no signs of cancer in my body!

That last surgery was unexpected and a doozie.  The first couple of days after were better than expected and I felt like it was going to be a smooth recovery...then I tanked.  I am still unsure of all that happened. I am just glad that I made it through and it is over.  I got home on Saturday night and have basically been sleeping since.

(The strangest part, is that I have been awake and functioning, but I am just realizing that I have absolutely NO memory of about two weeks of my life.  I really mean NONE...so I am sorry if I have been a bit out of it.  I know they have me on a lot of medicines, but this is my 6th surgery this year and I have never had anything like this happen. I don't remember my kids visiting, my birthday, or anything else for about 2 weeks while in the hospital.  It is a surreal feeling..)


jodi said...

I guess you might be glad you don't remember, it sounds like those were some rough days! Glad to hear you're getting some rest though. I'm sure Larry & your girls are SO happy to have you back home. You're amazing!

The Larsons said...

So good to hear from you!!!! I am so glad you are home with your family. FYI - Andrew and I visited you the day before your birthday. :) It was a fun visit, and you truly inspired me with every word that came out of you mouth. Even though you don't remember it - I always will. ;) Can't wait for you to get better, and for our families to get together soon!

Laurene said...

Am I to understand a second surgery in the past 16 days? You are here to tell the story! Your life is material for an excellent inspiring movie, but I don't know who they would get to play the role of Shanda and do the part justice!

Susi said...
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Susi said...

Perhaps Heavenly Father took those difficult memories from you so you would have the strength to heal??? We are just glad to know you are cancer free and home.

Please know that you are cherished. Get well!!!

Brad and Susi Woodworth

Kelly said...

If all you remember is WOOHOO NO CANCER then that is enough!!!!!!!

Glad you are healing and getting better!


KB said...

We came to visit you last Friday night for about an hour and a half. We got the full range,you were cracking us up! We were glad to hear you made it home, considering you told us you would be there for another 2 weeks, meds make people say the darndest things. :) It was too bad we missed Larry, we will meet up in the future. Prayers and well wishes for a speedy recovery. Kevin and Heidi B

The Atwood's said...

I really just can't believe it! I'm so elated for you Shanda!! Really. I keep telling all my friends here that don't even know you, your story and how good you are doing. I really can express how happy I am for you. Congratulations