Wednesday, November 11, 2009


My kids are talkers...just like their momma. And sometimes we like to just talk to Addie (who is two) and ask her basic questions to keep her thinking. We often pick two things she likes and say something like...what do you like better, pancakes or macaroni and cheese. Or something like...what do you like better Dora or Curious george?

She decided to ask the questions tonight and I heard her ask Aana about two things she liked...
"What do you like better, Jesus or Mommy?" and when she got no answer...she said "fine, what do you like better, Jesus or cupcakes?"

You might have needed to be there, but it made me laugh!


Jennica said...

I thought that was funny....I can see Aana's confused and blank look and Addi finally giving in and giving Aana an easy out question.

Aly G said...

How cute is that! Definitely write that one down, although I am sure you won't forget that!