Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Indoor waterparks are the BEST when it's cold!

Larry had Monday off, so we headed to the Great Wolf Lodge to stay a night and have a little family trip. We have been there before and even used to go in Cleveland, but it is great to get out of the cold and enjoy water fun!

The kids had their own little cabin in our room with a tv, bunkbeds, and sitting they loved it! (thanks to a complimentary upgrade that I nicely asked for and was shocked when they did it!)


Lexie said...

Hooray for family time at the GWL! I think my favorite part about that place is that I never have to say no it's like yes kids we can do whatever you want, it's such a nice feeling isn't it? Way to go on the upgrade, I need you to teach me lessons!

Aly G said...

How fun! Reminds me of Ohio! Love the indoor parks like that. Wish Utah had something like it. Gosh looks like the squeaky wheel got the grease! Doesn't hurt to ask right! I bet your girlies were in heaven in their own little cabin! Sooo fun. :)