Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

A couple of attempts at a quick family picture.

I am NOT sure where Addie got this...I barely even eat meat and she just grabbed a fork and started on the carcass.  She kept at it for quite some time, too.  It was pretty funny!

We enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at my parent's house where we had a full table with family and friends, great company, way too much food, and we were able to share some of the many things we were grateful for.  It was a wonderful day!


Aly G said...

Cute Family! So fun to live close to them I am sure! Looks like you have a girly who loves her meat! Bone & all! She is too cute how fun you have that pic to remember her doing that.

Lexie said...

What cute pictures, you guys look great and it looks like a fabulous Thanksgiving. I love the picture of Addie just digging in!