Thursday, July 12, 2012

The traveling continues...Utah or BUST!

 We took a needed trip to see my husband's side of the family in Utah and had so much fun.  We went to a dinosaur museum, played at Trafalga, went to the Hale Center Theater and saw an awesome musical, went to the BYU bookstore (a highlight for my family...), lit a million fireworks (no...we didn't start the fires in the mountains)...and saw THE BEACH BOYS in concert at the Stadium of Fire!  We loved being able to catch up with everyone and renew those important ties of family!  Aana also got to go to BYU soccer camp, which was like a dream come true for her.  It was just a great trip!


Laurene said...

Wow! Jam packed adventures! Love that you got to see so much of what I love in the valley!!! I was in a few plays at the old Hale Center when it was on Main Street. Someday I hope to be in one in the "state of the art" new theatre on Decker Lake Drive.

Aaron and Carissa said...

Seriously? Carissa and I saw "Crazy for You" at the Hale on the 13th, and we were at Thanksgiving Point the week before. Crazy that you guys were so close.

Rik no Orkut said...