Sunday, January 8, 2012

A pivotal moment...

There are some people that come into our just the right time.  Recently I had the chance to go to lunch with two friends that I hadn't seen in quite a while.  I first met Dave (the husband) at the cancer center.  It was during my 3rd week of chemo and I was SO SICK.  My body had a horrible reaction to one of the drugs in my chemo regimen and I had extreme symptoms that weren't expected.  I remember trying to be brave and was in the waiting room just shaking and trying to hold back my tears.  I had a doomed feeling... and I was TERRIFIED!
I was afraid that my body wasn't going to tolerate the chemo and that I might die...just because I didn't think my body could take another round.  I knew my diagnosis was bad and I NEEDED the chemo to give me a chance.  I was saying that to my mom who was waiting with me...and I was feeling so broken and the very core of my being.  The next thing I remember was this kind man whom I didn't know coming over to me and wrapping his arms around me in an embrace and just holding me as I cried.  He will never know how badly I needed that hug...that extra strength at that exact moment...and the reassurance that I could do it.  It was almost like my Savior was there wrapping his arms around me.  It gave me the fortitude to continue and was a pivotal point for me....much more so than I can put into words.

I later met his truly amazing wife as well and crossed paths with them while I was doing infusions over the next year.  When I went to lunch with them last week, we discussed that first meeting...and I was able to thank him for that hug.  We talked about how he felt like he should come try to comfort me, but then doubted himself since  he didn't even know me.  He wasn't sure if he should or not...but he heeded the prompting he received...and it is a moment in my life that will forever stay with me.

This experience is one of so many times where people have acted as "angels" in my life during the past two years.  A lesson that I have learned is that we truly need to ACT when prompted to do something for matter what doubts come into our minds.  The Lord has put people in my many amazing people... who have listened and have stepped in during such critical times.  Please never underestimate your power to change lives and do good...  And if you think someone might need you... they probably do!  YOU are amazing and might be the answer to someone's most urgent prayer!


Laurene said...

I know you won't mind if I copy and paste this to share with children and siblings. Thank you!!!

Auna Leigh said...

Thank you for sharing Shanda. Do u mind me using that in my lesson on revelation? U amaze me! Love u! Good luck on CT scan. U got this!