Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas~ 2011~

Braithwaite’s Top “Eleven” of 2011:
11. Our family is SO excited to be at home and together for this holiday season.  NO hospitals…
10. Speaking of TEN… Larry and Shanda celebrated 10 years of marriage and took a fantastic cruise!
9. Addie (4 ½) got darling glasses and “wonders why everyone always asks her if she sees better now.”
8.  Shanda is on medical leave from tennis, but has a new passion...whitewater kayaking.  An amazing cancer retreat gave her a chance to face new fears other than cancer…and CONQUER them.  She’s hooked!
7.  Aana (8 ½) was baptized and met her goal of finishing the Book of Mormon beforehand.  She is also learning to sew and made an entire quilt by herself.  She dreams of designing her own clothing line.
6.  Larry has traveled the country learning new dental tricks and continues to root for his Cougars!!
5.  Addie learned to read this year, but really enjoys writing and illustrating her own books.  By next Christmas, she wants to see them at Barnes and Noble.   
4. Shanda is looking for a doctor that will install a zipper in her abdomen.  She’s a trooper and is healing from her 12th surgery.  They removed more cancer…and we pray that was the last of it.  
3.  With flashcards and practice, Aana “mastered” pig latin…only to find out it didn’t really count as a foreign language.  It crushed her dreams of being a pig latin teacher when she “grows up.” 
2.  For the 2nd year in a row, Larry earned “Most Handsome Mr. Mom.”  His passion for juggling has paid off and allowed him to keep working and keep the house running. (thx to all those that have helped as well!)
1. WE SURVIVED…and also THRIVED!       


Carol said...

I pray each night for you and seeing all these blessings with your family it goes to show Prayers are heard above. You have a Beautiful family and I just love the top 11!

Laurene said...

I love how many people we have told your story to who occasionally ask US for updates! Those ripples truly are seemingly endless! Cheers to an even better New Year!!!