Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Back in the game...and remembering rainbows!

I went shopping I have resumed my "old" life as much as possible...and I forgot how hectic it was.  I am a taxi, chef, receptionist, maid, accountant, personal shopper, babysitter...and you get my drift.  Factor in the holiday chaos, my forever long list of to do's to make up for the last year...and my overall lack of energy...and hopefully you understand my limited blog posts. 

It is great!  ALL of it!  I love being needed again by my family and being able contribute.  I am overwhelmed by all that I need to do, but am SO grateful that I can do all of those things!   I saw this (double) rainbow when I came home yesterday from a marathon errand running day...and I was reminded of the beauties in this life.  Life is GOOD...not always easy, but SO worth it!


Laurene said...

So ap-pro-po: the highway of life; "keep on truckin'" with the double rainbow overhead! So glad to read that you are able to actually enjoy so much craziness!

The Person Family said...

Great pic- so glad you're doing well. Just make sure to take time for yourself so you don't get rundown! Hope you have an amazing Christmas. :)

Bella Blogger said...

Just checking in. You sound BUSY and happy. I love to read your posts. You've been so open about this entire experience...I think you should be a public speaker! and tell your story to others going through cancer.
I wish you and the family a joyful, happy and health Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Jennica said...

Taking pictures while driving.....maybe not such a good idea??? but none the less it is a great picture.

I'm glad you're enjoying the absolute craziness of the holidays and are able to be out all day every day doing it all!

Superwoman is back!

Diane said...

Having family to do for keeps us going. God must have invented family so we would continue to go on.