Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This too shall pass... (yes, pun intended!)

As a way to truly celebrate our Anniversary, Larry ended up in the ER last night with what he KNEW was kidney stones again.  He has had them twice before...once in the Canary Islands and once while we lived in Cleveland.  It was the middle of the night and I couldn't leave the girls to go with him, but he had an xray and verified that it is another one.  (and that he has several more hanging on his kidneys.)  I just remember the last time the doctor told him it wasn't very large and that it should pass fairly quick...and he said, well, is it sharper than usual, or hooked...or jagged.  We laughed!

And yes...this, too shall pass!  Good luck Larry!


Kelly said...

Larry....hope you feel better and don't have anthing that gets hung up in you. That would totally stink.

Aly G said...

I feel for the guy! Hope all goes well! Ive had one after each of my boys when they were a few months old and it totally sucks almost as bad as child birth....almost!;)Every other person in my fam has had them and if that pattern were to be totally complete it would be me next and it sure was! my dad and bros have to have them blasted. will he have to do that to pass em? Good luck, things have GOT to get better right!!

Larry, Shanda, Aana, and Addison said...

For the three and there is still no stone. Poor guys is at work right now, and miserable! Maybe today it will end!

Ann Elizabeth McCulloch said...

Hey Larry Strain your urine, and I hope you can pass it.. really.. Can your Dr. check the composition of the stones? there may be another problem or imbalance causing them and once that is targeted hopefully there are no more... If not lytotripsy with a stent.. Good luck..


I look forward to meeting you.. This trial has been an opportunity to get to know the kind of amazing woman you are..