Sunday, July 26, 2009

200 miles per hour...on the water! Craziness!

Larry's office sponsored a boat for this year's Water Follies. We spent the day Saturday down in the pit with the boats, the crews, and the drivers. I had never seen anything like it. "Our" boat (I say that like it is actually ours....) broke it's speed record and went over 160 miles/hour in its first qualification. These things are crazy! It was fun to get a glimpse into this "extreme" hobby and we were grateful everyone was safe in the end! It was a quite an experience!


Lexie said...

That is crazy fast, I don't think I can even imagine going that fast, it must have been incredible to watch.

Aly G said...

How fun! Your kids are looking so much alike these days! Can't believe how long your hair is too! Love your boat!:)