Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Did I mention I bought some Sweet velcro Bowling shoes?

Lessons learned in a bowling alley:

1. I can beat a specific athletic friends (no names mentioned...but there might be a clue below) in a sport. (and I swear bowling is a sport...and even offers college scholarships!)

2. I am a completely uncontrolled germaphob! I brought purell, used it...threw away the socks from the rental shoes (because mine haven't come in the mail yet), but I still had to fully sanitize my girls when we got home!

3. When taking children to a bowling alley...allot at least a two hour window for a single game! Wow they roll the ball slow...but they were happy!
Other than that...JUST LET IT ROLL!


Jennica said...

Allright, well enjoy your victory while it lasts....our awesome bowling shoes should be here tomorrow, so I'm thinking you, me, the kids and Purell will have to hit the bowling alley for a rematch on Friday.

Larry, Shanda, Aana, and Addison said...

Ha...I baited you witht his post and was waiting for you to pop up. It was likely a bowling fluke but I will accept any victory!