Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. POTTY's Day at our house!

No...that wasn't a was officially St. POTTY's day! I had put off potty training Addie until we returned from our cruise. So yesterday we began the fun. We had a Potty party, did several potty dances, sang potty songs, read potty books, bought potty candy...and lived by the toilet. You are all jealous, I know!

I must report that she had 8 accidents (unless that was the leprechauns "pot of GOLD" for me) and finally went in the toilet for the first time at 8:15 pm on the way to bed. (Aana basically potty trained herself at 17 I had a sneaky suspicion that this one would be challenging...just because!) Addie knows exactly what to do...she is just stubborn....but I can't give in. She just turned 2, and I am done buying diapers, so the battle begins! I will keep you posted on our progress!

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Aly G said...

Good luck with that! Talan shows some signs, but sadly I ignore! I am soo scared to do it again! I am sure she will be great just like Aana was!